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Data Governance

Our Collibra Data Governance framework delivers high-quality, trusted, and compliant data that empowers your people and organization.

It transforms your Data Strategy into enterprise-wide Data Intelligence to help discover untapped markets, unseen opportunities, and unproductive workflows. And it gives your enterprise the competitive advantage for faster, more efficient, and predictive management that allows you to shape your market and enter new ones.

Collibra Workflows (WaaS)

Murdio’s Collibra Workflow-as-a-service (WaaS) provides a flexible and cost-effective solution for businesses to streamline and automate their Data Governance procedures.

WaaS enables organizations to easily model their unique data processes and enforce defined governance processes in a guided and controlled way, leading to increased data quality, compliance, collaboration, and scalability. Transform your data management processes today and achieve better results with WaaS!

Collibra Integrations (IaaS)

Collibra Integration-as-a-Service (IaaS) is a game-changing solution that empowers businesses to easily and quickly connect and integrate their data systems and workflows.

With IaaS, organizations can benefit from a flexible and scalable solution that eliminates the need for large development teams or long-term project timelines. Choose Murdio’s Integration-as-a-Service for a secure, agile data integration solution that makes data more readily available in a single responsive system!

Data Consulting

Our Consulting Services provide a people’s first approach to aligning your company’s people, processes, and strategy with your business data.

Combining deep market knowledge and experience from our Data Governance Consultants, we make Data Discovery easier by providing a state-of-the-art data catalog that includes embedded governance, privacy, and quality. And we help you introduce a standardized and structured business approach, guiding you towards creating that Data Culture where anyone can find, trust, and be empowered by data!

IT Data Services

We keep up with the latest developments in data engineering and emerging technologies to leverage your company’s competitive edge.

From ideation to execution, our team of Data Architects, Data Engineers, and Business Analysts are specialized in auditing, scoping, and designing tailored solutions on a flexible operating model supported by leading technologies. Using Collibra’s superior Data Governance Solutions, we will help you implement a data environment that evolves together with your organization.



Customized Solutions

We offer you best-in-class Data Governance Solutions and Services catering to your unique data requirements and providing an agile, customizable scaling approach.


Data Realization & Monetization

With our Data Governance Services, we are helping companies gain complete visibility across their data landscape and make data one of their key assets, taking action to generate measurable economic benefit.


Mitigated Risks

In addition to centralizing your data, we our Data Engineers help you mitigate your data security and compliance risks. It is all about the right people having the right access to the right data at the right time.


Efficiency & Innovation

From the expert knowledge of our Data Governance Consultants, we are capable of reframing challenges as opportunities. And set off a chain reaction that leads our customers on a transformational journey.

Customer Reviews


“As a Data Governance Architect, Product Owner I have been working with Lukasz Banaszewski and Karol Gabarkiewicz for almost two years now. Both Lukasz and Karol are knowledgeable, driven, and enthusiastic Collibra Rangers in search of excellence. Next to that their communication skills are strong and they are both very capable of adapting to changes.”

Richard Pieterse

Data Governance Architect, Innovation leader in the semiconductor industry, The Netherlands.
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