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Using Collibra Data Governance superior tools, Murdio team will help you implement a data environment that evolves together with your organization.

As an enterprise-oriented Data Governance platform for Data Management and stewardship, Collibra empowers your business to find meaning in data and improve critical decisions. This Modern Data Governance software ensures enterprise data can be harnessed for business value! And it allows you to manage and organize data and processes to enable collaboration, ensures internal and external policies are being followed, helping grow your business with both defensive and offensive use cases!

So, at its core, Collibra shared platform helps all your company’s stakeholders understand what data exists, how it is being used, and if it is relevant and in regulatory compliance.

It combines data catalog and data-literacy capabilities for enterprise-wide visibility of available data assets, and then adds business and governance context to make it accessible and understandable for all business users across your organization.

Bottom line, Collibra tools can be customized to fit your unique company culture and business reality, reflecting your organizational structure within the platform, which is built around your organization and not the other way around.

Features & Benefits of Collibra Data Governance Software

Data Integration

Integrate your ecosystem and link existing data sources to deliver active Data Governance!

Data Catalog

Extend the visibility and collaboration needed across the organization to understand, manage, protect, and best leverage data!

Data Lineage

A technical data lineage that easily maps how data flows and is used to quickly understand your data landscape!

Data Management

Easy access to data and automated workflows, processes, and policies to deliver trusted data for all!

Data Quality

Proactively detect and solve data quality issues before they put your business at risk!

Data Security

Meet your standards for reliability, privacy, and compliance with a secure and scalable data infrastructure!

We are top certified Collibra Specialists!

Empower your people and organization like never before.

Murdio’s biggest mission is to develop the best Collibra experts on the market that provide top-quality E2E solutions in the Data Governance and Business Intelligence field, allowing you to monetize data and unlock new opportunities for your business!

So, whether you are starting a new project or optimizing your current deployment, we pair our team’s in-depth knowledge with world-leading technology to provide professional consulting and implementation services that unlock long-term business value.

Our expanding customer base

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  • Darmstadt, Germany
  • Basel, Switzerland
  • Veldhoven, Netherlands
  • Cambridge, England
  • London, England
  • Rueil-Malmaison, France
  • Jersey City, New Jersey, U.S.
  • Zurich, Switzerland
  • Leverkusen, Germany
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  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Customer Reviews


“As a Data Governance Architect, Product Owner I have been working with Lukasz Banaszewski and Karol Gabarkiewicz for almost two years now. Both Lukasz and Karol are knowledgeable, driven, and enthusiastic Collibra Rangers in search of excellence. Next to that their communication skills are strong and they are both very capable of adapting to changes.”

Richard Pieterse

Data Governance Architect, Innovation leader in the semiconductor industry, The Netherlands.


Open - Secure - Collaborative

Data governance is the lifeblood of any organization that depends on data to make important decisions – what organization doesn’t?

  • Remove information silos across your organization
  • Experience faster decision-making processes
  • Improve your productivity and operational nimbleness
  • Protect your information and meet compliance regulations
  • Monetize data and increase your business value
Find out how we can help take care of your data so you take care of business!