Seamless Data Integration

Seamless Data Integration

07 10

Eliminate data silos with seamless data integration with your enterprise tools, at any scale!
MURDIO solutions allow you to leverage your enterprise data with a simple, scalable, and speedy integration process! Consolidate data from multiple sources–business applications, databases, devices, and systems – with pre-built data connectors and a modern top-notch integration solution. Regardless of format or complexity, we help you integrate data across your company to unlock powerful insights and real-time analytics!

Having successfully implemented such solutions for business-critical deployments, at some of the leading organizations in the world, our successful method addresses several common challenges encountered when integrating data. By enforcing consistent data standards that include: correcting data quality issues, standardizing and enriching data, and rationalizing duplicate data.

In short, we are truly changing the way data integration is done, enabling you to innovate at the speed of business with a leading Data Governance software platform tailored for business users, that is used as the core of many digital transformation programs and solves top integration challenges!

Data Integration challenges

With numerous data sources and schemes across your organization, plus the massive volume of data that emerges daily, integrating data from different origins into a central repository can be time-consuming and resource-intensive – making it more challenging than ever to derive timely, meaningful insights.

At the same time, maybe you’re also one of the many businesses that struggle with rigid and complex data architecture, that you know is outdated and slows down your organization. But even so, you still have some doubts about making a change, because of the impact a major IT migration can have on your operations.

Well, let us cut to the chase: it is true that many data governance projects are complex and require extensive experience to avoid the common pitfalls; but it is also true that, when the data is correctly and strategically linked, it allows decision-makers to properly analyze it and find critical areas of business improvement.

So, if you partner up with a trusted implementation team that knows the ins and outs of data governance, not only saves you a lot of money and time, but it can mean the difference between success and failure. An expert team with competencies to create seamless integration with the full range and scope of your enterprise process management tools, as well as keep pace with future developments or requirements.

Benefits of a sound Data Integration

Data integration is essential for almost every business, as it can be the foundation of a robust enterprise architecture. And it’s about much more than data warehousing! From data integrity and availability to powerful business insights and superior efficiency, a sound data integration strategy is the first step to success for any data-driven organization!

And, even though its success depends on effective collaboration – where business leaders need to define business and quality rules and IT needs to comprehend the business use of data – the fact is that the need to contract external help with data integration is increasingly recognized. Because data integration it’s an intricate process that needs to converge numerous distributed enterprise systems, with different deployment platforms, underlying technologies protocols, and data formats, making it complex and difficult to interconnect them directly with each other.

This is when Murdio team steps in and makes the magic! Making data integration projects as simple and robust as possible, and integrating these diversified systems seamlessly, and hassle-free across teams. We also help you to improve your data quality with Reference Data. Along with the use of Master Data Management to provide a single point of reference, deliver better data and drive transformation!

More than bringing your existing systems together, a well-designed and accurately implemented Enterprise Integration Solution, will improve the productivity and efficiency of your business processes, give a unified view of your data and deliver data value through Business Intelligence and machine learning.

The advantages of data integration within a company are endless. Let’s narrow it down to 10, to start with:

  • Single source of data truth
  • More accurate data insights and Business Intelligence
  • Real-time Analytics
  • More efficient working processes
  • Organization-wide alignment for well-organized and accessible data
  • Improved collaboration cross-departments
  • Increase productivity by reducing errors and rework
  • More time to focus on business tactics
  • Improved omnichannel customer experiences
  • Greater scalability and competitivity

Doesn’t it sound great? Then, talk to us and set yourself up for success! At MURDIO we develop many types of data integration approaches, now all you need to do is choose with us the most convenient for your organization.

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