Stepping up to a new level of Data Shopping Experience

Stepping up to a new level of Data Shopping Experience

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What if you could search for and access business data, reports, and other data assets using a business-friendly interface, with a simple, code-free Data Shopping experience? And where you could just add the assets you need to a shopping cart and request access? Well, we’ve got you covered on this!

At MURDIO we believe that data sharing is more important than ever before. Still, in many organizations, one of the challenges to becoming a data-driven company is that data is stored across a range of sources and silos, making it difficult for employees to find, understand, trust and access the data they need.

But what if this could be a problem from the past? As we pair our team’s experience and knowledge with world-leading technology from Collibra, one of the front-runners in the space of Data Governance and Metadata Management solutions, we’ve got great news for you!

Collibra Data Shopping capability came to provide collaborative and efficient workflows that help to share compliant data across the organization! Enabling a secure and easy experience for all levels and functions of data consumers, not just data scientists or analysts! Like an internal Data Marketplace, almost designed as an eCommerce platform, that gives users a data shopping experience that is simple and similar to browsing and purchasing any other product online. With the advantage that many of its data sets are analytics-ready and can be instantly used and put into action, producing insights with speed.

The benefits of Collibra Data Shopping solution

Business analysts spend most of their time finding, understanding, and accessing data, instead of using data to generate insights. To solve this problem, organizations must turn to a data catalog, to create an inventory and better organize all of their data assets.

A data catalog should allow all data consumers to quickly and easily shop for and request data sets through an eCommerce-like shopping experience, while data owners and designated privacy managers can review and approve those requests. Moreover, with privacy by design, Collibra enables compliant data sharing, inside and outside the organization!

Therefore, we can say that the Collibra Data Shopping solution aims to streamline the entire data value chain and the necessary processes for the sharing of governed and quality data among the different stakeholders of your company, with the following benefits:

  • Facilitate self-service of data
  • Support quick and intuitive data shopping
  • Gain a unified view of all your data
  • Conduct a powerful, contextual search
  • Filter the results according to your needs
  • Improve trust and confidence in your data
  • Accelerate time-to-insight and decision-making
  • Share of quality governed data
  • Increase productivity and operational efficiency
  • Reduction of time-to-market and time-to-value
  • Costs reduction and automation of data management processes
  • Facilitate Data monitoring and Governance
  • Prevention of operational and business risks

Enhancing the Data Shopping Experience

MURDIO’s team wants to enable you to effectively and efficiently make data-driven decisions using the most trustworthy data available in your organization. This is when Data Scoring comes into the picture.

A fresh feature of Collibra Data Catalog that provides insights that enable its users to compare options, while they shop for data, and find the data they need way faster.

Data Scoring enhances the data shopping experience, by enabling business analysts to compare similar data, using scores that indicate relative data quality, and quickly assess which data set is the best fit for their purpose. Likewise, by incorporating Machine Learning functionality, the catalog can learn from a user’s past behaviors to make specific recommendations for similar data purchases.

This way enables smarter decision-making and also helps organizations increase their productivity. What do you think of that? Probably much easier than going shopping for real at a big mall on a Sunday afternoon with all your family, for sure!

The importance of Data Sharing and Democratization

The purpose of a Data Marketplace is to serve as a one-stop shop for Data Governance and a central hub for data sharing within an organization.
Ideally, it should also be used by the majority of data stakeholders in a data-driven organization. And incorporate a transversal vision of data, much closer to the language of the business.

This can be achieved by abstracting Data Governance from the underlying technologies used for data capture, integration, storage, processing, and exploitation – usually designed solely from a technical point of view. As many of these technologies don’t consider Data Governance, Metadata Management, or interoperability capabilities from a more practical or purposeful standpoint.

However, in order to assess the benefits of an internal Data Marketplace to an organization, it’s always important to outline a clear strategy, defining
its primary goals and corresponding metrics and KPIs. We can help your company throughout this process. Connecting the right data, with the right
context, to the right users. Making Data Discovery easier. And unlocking the power of data as a key asset to companies looking to grow!

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